At Fellowship of Grace, being actively involved in a community group is vital to your spiritual growth and development. Community groups provide an environment for you to “do life together” with other people as you gather each week to discuss God’s Word, share stories, and live on mission together.

As our groups meet each week, we encourage you to be thinking of the people in your life that do not know Christ or have a church home and invite them to come to your community group as well! While some of our unchurched friends and family may feel uncomfortable at first coming to a worship service on a Sunday morning, they probably would be more likely to accept an invitation to a BBQ at a friend’s house or even serve together on a project with some of your friends. Our goal is for each of our community groups to continue to grow after they begin, and eventually get to the place where they need to multiply into more groups to have a greater Kingdom impact and reach more people. 

If you have any questions or want to know anything else about community groups at Fellowship of Grace, please contact Pastor Derrick at

SUNDAYS @ 6pm (childcare)
led by Jacob & Kim Sledd
@ Church Building – 8501 Tom Watson Parkway, Parkville, MO

TUESDAYS @ 7:30pm
Led by Joseph & Emily Howell
@ Howell’s house – 8143 NW Beaman Dr., KC, MO 64151

Led by Kendell & Tracy Hale
@ Hale’s House – 6204 NW 77th St., KC, MO 64151

Led by Michael & Julie Porter
@ Porter’s house – 9844 N. Highland Terrace, KC, MO 64155

Led by Mike & Brenda Ellis
@ Church Building – 8501 Tom Watson Parkway, Parkville, MO

Led by RT & Susan Holmes
@ Bennett's house – 7804 NW Rosewood Cir., Parkville, MO 64152

THURSDAYS @ 6:30pm (childcare)
Led by Derrick & Anna Abell
@ Abell’s house – 4707 NW 67th St., KC, MO 64151

THURSDAYS @ 6:30pm (childcare)
Led by Rob & Ileah Christian
@ Edman's house - 7530 NW Red Ridge Dr., KC, MO 64152

Led by John & D Wyman
@ Cline’s house – 6570 N. Nevada Ave., KC, MO 64152