Summer Driveway Gatherings



FOG Family,

This summer, we are looking to have some of our FOG families host "Summer Driveway Gatherings" as opportunities for fellowship & connection + a way to foster relationships with neighbors in our communities.  
We would like to keep these groups to a max of around 8-10 adults from FOG, so that when children and guest neighbor families are added in, the groups won't have too many people.
We have designated several weekends throughout the summer for the groups to get together. They are June 19-21, July 3-5, July 17-19, Aug 7-9, and Aug 21-23. 

We know this is still a strange and different summer as we are coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic, so please don't feel any pressure to be a part of these groups if you are uncomfortable.  We are hoping that by keeping these groups outdoors and limiting the number of people in each group, that will help us continue to minimize risk, but we understand if you do not want to participate.
To see a list of the groups and to signup, click HERE