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The Grinch: Enlarging My Heart

The story of "The Grinch" is well-known.  It is the story of a grouchy, bitter, cave-dwelling creature who lives on a mountain above the town of Whoville, which is filled with kind & warm-hearted people.  Because of his heart, which is "two sizes too small", the grinch tries to make life as miserable as possible for himself and everyone around him. 

In the process of trying to ruin Christmas for the Whos of Whoville by stealing from them on Christmas Eve, the grinch is completely surprised by the reaction of the people of Whoville. Instead of being angry at the Grinch for stealing from them, they are singing a Christmas song and continuing to find joy in celebrating Christmas together. It is then the Grinch realizes that "maybe perhaps, Christmas means a little bit more" than just the presents and the feasting.  Consequently, the Grinch' s heart grows three sizes that day and the story ends on a happy note as the Grinch returns everything he has stolen and celebrates Christmas with the people of Whoville.

As we look forward to Christmas and celebrating the birth of Jesus, what are some ways that our hearts have maybe grown too small?  Are there areas in our lives that we need to "enlarge our hearts" and grow?  Join us this December as we examine some ways that God can enlarge our hearts during this Christmas season!

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