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This blog will be where we capture the stories of us. Who we are and what God is doing in our midst. But we aren’t doing this to talk about us. We want to point to Jesus. It’s all about Him. In short, we are ordinary people trying our best, with God’s help, to walk with Jesus each day. We aren’t perfect. We don’t get it right every time. We fall, we mess up. But Jesus holds us all together. In the midst of doing life with Him, and each other, a lot of story happens.


Genesis - In The Beginning ... Sermon Series


On Sunday, January 13 we will begin a sermon series through the book of Genesis....

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It's All About Relationships


For the first time in my adult life, I have people I can call “friend”. I have honest and true relationships and I’ve learned to tell other men “I love you, brother.” I’m no longer afraid to admit failure, insecurities, and vulnerabilities. But it all started when God taught me to have a relationship with Him first. Everything else flows from my relationship wi...

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Despite My Flaws & Imperfections ... God Loves Me


Jesus rescued me from myself, and eternal separation from God, and continues to teach me and is patient with me through His great love....

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No Longer An Orphan


- A conversation between Derrick and Anna Abell, members of Fellowship of Grace DERRICK: My wife and I both grew up in Christian families and came to know Christ in our childhood years. I know my relationship with Christ has not been perfect through the years, but since going off to college, getting married and starting a family...

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My Legacy Letter


Hello, my name is Kendell Hale and I am a member of Fellowship of Grace in Kansas City. I am a coach at UMKC and have been coaching for 20+ years. I recently emailed a bunch of alumni and ask them to write a “Legacy Letter” to our new freshman players telling about what they enjoyed most about playing collegiate tennis and offering advice as well....

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Covered in SCARS & ASHES, but STRONGER Than EVER


As a child I had always attended church with my parents. It was a requirement growing up in our home. But rarely did I ever take anything away from those early Sunday mornings, other than I was missing Sunday morning wrestling......

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A Joy-Filled Life


What does a life of joy truly mean? A life where you never have to worry because you know all your needs will be taken care of. A life full of love, happiness, and wonderful people that care about you. A life where you know what you are meant to do and that you are here for a purpose. You know you were created for a reason. ...

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Thankful to Serve


On January 1, 2007, I began my first day as the Associate Pastor of a small inner-city church. Six days later I would be married to an amazing woman. For five years, through pain and tears and unmeasurable joy, we served in the church and committed to be a part of the work God had laid out for us....

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