Church DNA: Foundational Practices

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Church DNA: Foundational Practices

A look at some of the things that makeup our CORE DNA as a church - Spring 2014.

As we continue on this journey of two churches becoming one … of two churches becoming better together, we are going to spend the next few weeks discussing what some of our foundational practices should be as a church. We have spent the last few weeks on our mission and vision, and while those things should guide everything we do and cover the big picture of who we ARE and what we DO, what are day-to-day, consistent practices that our church will be about? Where should all of our energy and focus be directed towards? What makes up the “core” of who we are as a body of believers? Hope you can join us over the next few weeks as we use the 1st-century early church in the book of Acts as a guide for us to follow and to help us discover our “DNA” as a community of Christ-followers in the 21st century.

April 13, 2014


Speaker: Rick Deason Series: Church DNA: Foundational Practices Topic: Topical Passage: Acts 2:41–2:47