Drive-In Easter Info
We are excited to host a "Drive-In Easter" this Sunday at FOG!  We are planning on two worship services at 9 & 11am.  We are grateful to be able to celebrate the resurrection of Christ "together" in this way. In preparation for the this unique experience, please read below for some important information!
  • First off, we want to assure you that we will be in compliance with the current "stay at home" order in Missouri, as the Governor has given permission to churches to hold services like this, as long as certain precautions are taken (which we are taking).  
  • As you enter our property, you will notice several parking attendants there to help direct you into your parking spot.  Depending on which row you are parked in, you may need to back in, so please follow their instructions or just match the direction of the vehicle next to you. Please remain in your vehicle for the entirety of the worship service.  We know it will be tempting to get out and visit with friends, but unfortunately we are unable to allow that due to our current situation. If you are a member or regular attender at FOG, you will be directed to park in either the side(east) parking lot or the bank parking lot.  We are reserving the front (north) parking lot for guests.
  • Please do not roll your windows down until you are parked.  For the duration of the service, we are asking that you only roll down windows on the driver's side of your vehicle.  This will help us keep the 6 ft minimum distance between people. 
  • We will have some "kid bags" with some coloring pages and crayons for those of you with young children, so it will be helpful for you to honk and signal how many bags you will need to the person handing out the bags and they will come place them on your side mirror or tape them to your window.  We want to limit contact, so our goal is to not hand the bags directly to you. 
  • First-time guests will also be receiving a gift bag with a few little items and info about our church in it. So if you are not a first-time guest, don't feel left out because you did not receive a bag :) 
  • As you wait for the service, check out the FOGKC app! The app has a section titled "Drive-In Worship".  You will find many resources and lots of information here. 
  • To listen to the service, you will need to tune your radio to the FM station that is posted on signs posted around the parking lots. 
  • The first part of the service will be worship music led by the FOG Worship Team.  We encourage you to sing and participate as you would normally on an Easter Sunday morning worship service! 
  • Pastor Michael will be preaching a sermon from the "front porch" of the church near the main entrance.  We know that he may not be visible from every parking spot, but we encourage you to follow along with him using the sermon notes in the app and to keep your radio tuned in to the FM station.
  • If for any reason you need to leave during the service, please make your exit as quietly and safely as possible.  Our building will not be open (even for restrooms), so we understand that some people (especially parents of little ones) may not be able to stay for the entire service.  
  • When the service is over, please wait for the parking attendant's direction on when to leave your parking spot.  They will be doing their best to direct cars out in an orderly fashion, so we appreciate your patience!
Thanks again for planning to be a part of our Drive-In Easter worship experience.  We are sure this will be a memory you won't soon forget.  It is also a comfort to know that even when our world is turned upside-down and everything is different, that we can STILL celebrate the fact that Jesus has risen from the grave and is alive today!  And that is how we EXPERIENCE HOPE!
If you have any questions, please contact one of the pastors or email :) 
In the event of inclement weather, please check our website at for the latest news on whether the services are still happening or not.  
Thank you!