The FOG Student Ministry is the youth ministry of Fellowship of Grace and is made up of 6th-12th grade students.

Our middle and high schoolers are all doing one thing that seems to continue to happen before our very eyes; they're growing and they show no signs of stopping.
Our mission is to give these young men and women a reliable, sturdy anchor to shape themselves around. By first igniting a passion for Jesus and the freedom of His grace, we hope to instill sound biblical teaching that will continue to nurture and guide our teens as they grow so quickly into adulthood. We know that developing a personal connection with God and other like-minded believers now is the absolute best gift and preparation one can receive to live a rich and fulfilling life. So that's what we aim to support!
Whether it's through discussing the challenges, misconceptions and truths surrounding hot button topics like mental illness or moral relativity, or it's solidifying bonds by getting absolutely destroyed by ministry leaders in ping pong tournaments :) , we are here and committed to helping these young folks grow closer to God and one another, all the while preparing for the race ahead.


We gather weekly for worship, studying God's Word, and fun activities. 

For a list of upcoming events, click HERE!

We also schedule monthly activities for all our students to build relationships and just have fun, as well as encourge them to invite their friends!