Our CORE Values

Authentic Relationships
We value mutual relationships that are deep, sacrificial, invested and growing. We love to encourage people to foster honest and caring relationships by doing life together.

Biblical Teaching
We value and teach the truth of God’s Word and want to help people grow in both their understanding and the practical application of it to their lives.

Engaging Worship
We value corporate worship that includes singing, giving, praying, or any other act that brings attention and glory to God. We strive to do this genuinely and with excellence that encourages active participation by every member.

Kingdom Thinking
We value partnering with other like-minded churches and ministries to help God’s Kingdom grow numerically, spiritually, and geographically. We recognize that God’s plan for the world is much bigger than our own church ministry.

Gospel Invitations
We value equipping and encouraging each member to regularly share their story and the Gospel with others to help lead them to a saving relationship with Jesus Christ. Through a simple invitation, we want to give people the opportunity to respond to the Good News of Jesus.

Next Steps
We value helping people on their spiritual journey, living out their faith by regularly progressing in their relationship with Jesus Christ through service, worship, generosity and evangelism, as well as every other facet of following Him.