Community Groups FAQ

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Q: How do I join and get plugged into a community group?

A: It’s easy! Once you find a group you’re interested in, we offer several ways to sign up. You can sign up online through our website or Church Center app (click HERE!) or you can make a note on the back of your Connection Card on Sunday mornings. For specific questions, contact Pastor Derrick at

Q: What is a community group?

A: A community group typically consists of 12-18 people who have a common desire for relationships and growth. Community groups are designed to encourage authentic friendships, to challenge one another to grow spiritually, and to encourage each other to share the love of Christ with others.

Q: Who can be in a community group?

A: Anyone who wants to get connected, develop friendships, and/or dig deeper in their knowledge of God and the Bible.

Q: Why should I commit to one more thing in my already busy schedule?

A: Let’s face it: Sunday morning is great but it is hard to develop any deep relationships or serious community from the Sunday service. The service helps us worship and guides us in our thoughts and understanding of God’s instruction for our lives. It does not and cannot meet that need for community though. Community groups help us really get to know one another. In community groups we go deeper. We come to know and are known by others. We share joy and sorrow and probably some great snacks. God created us to need each other. Community groups help meet this need and allow us to do life together.

Q: I am new to Fellowship of Grace, where do I start?

A: We recommend jumping into a community group as soon as possible. Contact us via this website or via the Connection Center on Sunday mornings and we will get you plugged into a group as soon as you want to!

Q: When & where do community groups meet?

A: Groups will meet weekly on different nights of the week. Usually, the groups will meet at the home of one of the community group’s members, but groups can meet in a variety of places. The only requirement is that the usual meeting place allows for real conversation to take place and relationships to grow. Our groups will be starting back up in September, so stay tuned for more info!

Q: Is there childcare offered?

A: Yes, we always will have a few groups that will have childcare provided, usually by some members of the youth group or other designated members of the church. The children are usually watched at the home where your community group meets in order to be most convenient for you.