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Dealing With Your Feelings


Do you ever feel overwhelmed by your emotions? Do your strong feelings make youfeel trapped at times or cause you to speak or act in ways you're not proud of? In today's world of turmoil and uncertainty, it is common for all of us to struggle with feelings of anger, grief, anxiety, disappointment, as well as many others. But there is hope! Join us for our next sermon serie...

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Parables: Lessons from Jesus


As we look at the life of Jesus, there are so many important things for us to notice. From the way He lived His life to the words of wisdom that He spoke, we have so much to follow and learn from. One of the ways that He taught was through the use of stories, or parables. Within each of His parables are life-changing truths, and we hope that you will join us on Sunday morn...

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Online Christmas Day Worship Experience


Online Christmas Day Worship Experience On Christmas Sunday this year, we will be offering an online Christmas Day Worship Experience for you to enjoy with you and your family! You can access the video from our church's Facebook page HERE after 6am Christmas morning. For those that are members or regular attenders of Fellowship of Grace, you will also receive an email on ...

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The Short Books - a sermon series


Join us starting Sunday, July 24 as we start a short, five-week sermon series titled "The Short Books", where each week we will take a look at one of the "one chapter" books in the Bible....

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Come To Worship - Christmas Sermon Series


Join us on Sunday mornings this December as we explore different ways to worship God including lifting your hands, bringing your gifts, pouring our your heart, and bowing before Him....

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Daniel: Courage Over Compromise


Daniel: Courage Over Compromise Set in the midst of a culture that was opposed to the truth of God and hostile towards His people, the book of Daniel shines a light forward to our current context today. As we will explore through this sermon series, this Old Testament book serves as a model for us to learn how to live as strangers and exiles in a world that is not our own...

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Biblical Community sermon series


Join us starting this Sunday, Sept 5 for a three-week sermon series on Biblical Community....

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1 John Sermon Series


Join us this Sunday, May 16 as we start a new sermon series through the book of 1 John titled, "That You May Know". ...

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Renewed sermon series

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RENEWED Join us starting April 11 as we dive into our new series titled "Renewed: Daily Practices for a Fresh Life." This 4-week sermon series helps people experience new, fresh things God wants to do in our lives, because we so often feel stuck in a rut and just go through the motions. Instead of just surviving life, God wants us to thrive and experience the abundant li...

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The Gospel of Mark sermon series


The Gospel of Mark The Gospel of Mark is a fast-paced, action packed recollection of the life and ministry of Jesus. We look forward to diving into this gospel letter each Sunday morning, while also watching the corresponding Lumo Gospel films in our community groups each week. We hope you can join us during these first few months of 2021 as we immerse ourselves in the Wo...

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Christmas Missions Offering 2020


Christmas Missions Offering 2020 Each year FOG receives a Christmas Missions Offering, which we specifically dedicate to missional partners or ministries who share a Kingdom-minded focus to intentionally be on mission for Christ. This year we have selected Second City Church in Birmingham, England, the Missouri Baptist Children's Home, and Cornerstones of Care in Leavenwo...

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Christmas Family Video Greetings

FOG Family Christmas Greetings This year, instead of our traditional Christmas Eve services, we are going to be offering a Christmas Eve Online experience for you to enjoy with your family and friends.One part of this virtual experiencewill be a time wherewe would like to show all of our FOG family wishing each other a Merry Christmas. In order for us to make this happen,...

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Christmas Eve Online


Christmas Eve Online During this challenging year of sickness, division, loss, and uncertainty, the hope of Christmas is needed all the more. We hope you can celebrate the birth of Christ with us this year in a very unique and 2020 way!On Thursday evening, December 24, we will be premiering a Christmas Eve Online worship experience at three different times via our Faceboo...

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God With Us


Join us throughout December as we celebrate God’s constant presence in our lives. ...

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Operation Christmas Child 2020


Let the Operation Christmas Child Shoebox be the first gift on your Christmas list this year! Join us as we start praying for the needy children around the world and filling shoeboxes for them. Collection deadline is Sunday, November 22nd but you can bring your boxes to the church any Sunday before then! The shoeboxes aren't just giving toys to children - once the shoebo...

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Worship & Wisdom: Psalms & Proverbs


Join us on Sunday mornings, starting August 23rd for a series titled "Worship and Wisdom" as we take a look through the Psalms and Proverbs....

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Regathering Guidelines

Regathering Guidelines For at least these first couple of months, our in-person gatherings will look very different, as we want to do our best to keep everyone safe and minimize risk of catching/spreading the coronavirus. As we have continued to monitor information and data from various sources in our area, we feel comfortable meeting together in-person following the guid...

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Summer Driveway Gatherings


DRIVEWAY GATHERINGS FOG Family,This summer, we are looking to have some of our FOG families host "Summer Driveway Gatherings" as opportunities for fellowship connection + a way to foster relationships with neighbors in our communities. We would like to keep these groups to a max of around 8-10 adults from FOG, so that when children and guest neighbor families are add...

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DRIVE-IN EASTER Worship Services


Drive-In Easter Info We are excited to host a "Drive-In Easter" this Sunday at FOG! We are planning on two worship services at 9 11am. We are grateful to be able to celebrate the resurrection of Christ "together" in this way. In preparation for the this unique experience, please read below for some important information! First off, we want to assure you that we ...

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March 15 Worship Services Cancelled


FOG Family, As your pastors have continued to pray and seek more information from medical experts, local and national authorities, and other area church leaders regarding our current situation with the COVID-19 virus, we have made the decision to cancel our morning worship services tomorrow (3/15). This was a very difficult decision to come to, but we felt that in light o...

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Our Current Response to the Coronavirus Situation


To our FOG Family, As you most likely are wellaware, the coronavirus situation continues to evolve as more schools, sporting events, businesses, etc. are taking unparalleled measures to help slow down the spread of this virus. We also want to respond to this current situationin a measured, appropriate way. While we don't want to overreact based on fear, we also don't want...

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England Mission Trip - November 2020


ENGLAND MISSION TRIP Later this year, we will be taking a team of people over to Birmingham, England on a mission trip from November 6 - November 16. We would like to encourage all of our FOG members to prayerfully consider how they should participate by going on this trip or supporting those who we do send. Here are some of the details: WHEN: Friday, November 6 - Monda...

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2019 Christmas Missions Offering


Christmas Missions Offering Each year, Fellowship of Grace (FOG) receives a Christmas Missions Offering, which we specifically dedicate to missional partners or ministries who share a Kingdom-minded focus to intentionally be on mission for Christ. This year, we selected the Purposed Church and Samaritan's Purse as our two designees for the 2019 Christmas Missions Offering...

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Travel Light Sermon Series


Travel Light Leave your baggage behind. In a crowded, busy holiday season, it's common for people to feel weighed down by family relationships, financial pressure, regret, or failure. This series will help us see that the weight we feel comes from things that God never asked us to carry, and His solution is simple: Let go of the baggage and travel light. 12/8Letting Go ...

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Gospel Unity: The Answer to Confusion


Invite your friends and family and join us this fall as we begin this new sermon series through 1 Corinthians title Gospel Unity: The Answer to Confusion. ...

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This Is Love


Join us starting Easter Sunday for a new sermon series titled, This is Love. Invite your unchurched friends and family to join you as well!...

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2018 Christmas Missions Offering


Christmas Missions Offering This Christmas, we will bless Hillcrest Transitional Housing and the International Missions Board with our Christmas Missions Offering. Throughout the month of December, we will receive an offering to support these two mission partners. Hillcrest Transitional Housing provides no-cost housing to residents participating in a 90-day program desig...

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Monthly Financials

Click HERE for the latest monthly financials!...

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The Grinch: Enlarging My Heart

FOG-2018-PreServiceSlide -TheGrinchEnlargingMyHeart

As we look forward to Christmas and celebrating the birth of Jesus, what are some ways that our hearts have maybe grown too small? Are there areas in our lives that we need to "enlarge our hearts" and grow? Join us this December as we examine some ways that God can enlarge our hearts during this Christmas season!...

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Beards for Babies - A No Shave November Fundraiser


It's time! During the month of November, we are using our faces to contribute to the ministry at Parkville Women's Clinic. Specifically, we are using our beards for babies and families. ...

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Good News Sunday 2018


We are calling this Sunday "Good News Sunday" and would love to share some good news with you in the midst of all the disaster, tragedy, & conflict going on in our world today! ...

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Operation Christmas Child 2018


We hope you can join us as we pack and collect shoeboxes for needy children all over the world through Operation Christmas Child. Check the FOGKC app or the Connection Center for more details. Boxes must be turned in by Sunday, November 18. This is a great opportunity to teach your kids about generosity!...

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Baby Bottle Change Drive


FUNDRAISER for PARKVILLE WOMENS CLINIC Over the next few weeks, we're going to hold a baby bottle change drive to support the Parkville Womens' Clinic. ThePWCis one of our local missions partners and they provide testing, counseling, and support to women in unplanned pregnancies. Last year they supported 120 women, half of whom had considered abortion before coming into t...

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Easter Changes Everything!


Join us for our new sermon series starting April 1, EASTER SUNDAY!...

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Good News Sunday!


We are calling this Sunday "Good News Sunday" and would love to share some good news with you in the midst of all the disaster, tragedy, & conflict going on in our world today! ...

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ROMANS: Grace Through Faith: The Foundation for Life


Join us as we walk through the book of Romans and explore the rich message of the Gospel and how God's grace given to us through faith in Christ really is the foundation for our lives....

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TRUTH: Answering Questions People Ask


We want to do two things with this series. The first, is to answer questions that people who are visiting our church are asking in their minds and hearts about faith in Christ. The second thing we want to accomplish is to answer questions you THINK they are going to ask you so that you are more confident knowing how you ought to answer each person....

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It's All About Relationships


For the first time in my adult life, I have people I can call “friend”. I have honest and true relationships and I’ve learned to tell other men “I love you, brother.” I’m no longer afraid to admit failure, insecurities, and vulnerabilities. But it all started when God taught me to have a relationship with Him first. Everything else flows from my relationship wi...

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Community Groups - Get Plugged In!


At Fellowship of Grace, being actively involved in a community group is vital to your spiritual growth and development. Community groups provide an environment for you to “do life together” with other people as you gather each week to discuss God’s Word, share stories, and live on mission together....

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"... No Matter What: A Study through Philippians"


Life can be tough sometimes. In fact, sometimes it feels like you can't catch a break. Challenge after obstacle after tragedy after mistake seem to cycle on repeat. As the Apostle Paul writes the letter of Philippians from prison to the church in Philippi, he encourages the church to live out their faith in Christ ... no matter what. He challenges them to continue strivi...

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Hope for the New Year


We hope this will be a meaningful reminder to you as we look together at the peace and encouragement that Jesus can provide for us in the midst of the unknowns and chaos of life....

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Orphan Sunday


This Sunday, we will be joining with churches across the world as we stand together for the fatherless. Each November, thousands of "Orphan Sunday" events will echo across America and around the globe, all sharing a single goal: that God’s great love for the orphan will find echo in our lives as well....

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Operation Christmas Child 2016

We hope you can join us as we pack and collect shoeboxes for needy children all over the world through Operation Christmas Child. Check The City or the Connection Center for more details. Boxes must be turned in by Sunday, November 20. This is a great opportunity to teach your kids about generosity!...

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Financial Peace University


Starting on Tuesday, November 1, we will be hosting an FPU class at Fellowship of Grace led by Jason & Moriah Johnston. FPU is a nine-week class that will teach you Dave Ramsey’s seven easy-to-follow baby steps to create a budget, get out of debt, and make a plan for your money! If you are interested in participating in this class or just have some questions about it,...

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JAMES: Faith That Works


As we spend the next few months studying the book of James together, we will be challenged to view the way we live our lives from a Biblical perspective....

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FEAR Sermon Series


This is a 4 week sermon series that explores 4 common fears we all face....

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Parkville Women's Clinic - Baby Bottle Change Drive


One local ministry we partner with is the Parkville Women's Clinic, which serves the community as a pregnancy resource center by providing free pregnancy testing and limited ultrasounds for mothers....

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Despite My Flaws & Imperfections ... God Loves Me


Jesus rescued me from myself, and eternal separation from God, and continues to teach me and is patient with me through His great love....

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Join a Community Group Today!


At Fellowship of Grace, our Community Groups are designed to foster an environment of doing life together and serving together on mission. Our next round of community groups will be getting started the week of January 24th and signups will start on Sunday, January 10th. You can sign up at the table at the back of the sanctuary on Sunday mornings. All of our groups will be ...

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Seeing Things God's Way


Check out our 5 week sermon series this fall!...

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Community Groups - Fall 2015

Here are the different community groups that we have meeting this fall....

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Child Dedication - May 10, 2015


This Mother's Day, May 12, we will take some time during our 10:30am service to dedicate some of the little ones in our church....

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No Longer An Orphan


- A conversation between Derrick and Anna Abell, members of Fellowship of Grace DERRICK: My wife and I both grew up in Christian families and came to know Christ in our childhood years. I know my relationship with Christ has not been perfect through the years, but since going off to college, getting married and starting a family...

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My Legacy Letter


Hello, my name is Kendell Hale and I am a member of Fellowship of Grace in Kansas City. I am a coach at UMKC and have been coaching for 20+ years. I recently emailed a bunch of alumni and ask them to write a “Legacy Letter” to our new freshman players telling about what they enjoyed most about playing collegiate tennis and offering advice as well....

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Covered in SCARS & ASHES, but STRONGER Than EVER


As a child I had always attended church with my parents. It was a requirement growing up in our home. But rarely did I ever take anything away from those early Sunday mornings, other than I was missing Sunday morning wrestling......

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A Joy-Filled Life


What does a life of joy truly mean? A life where you never have to worry because you know all your needs will be taken care of. A life full of love, happiness, and wonderful people that care about you. A life where you know what you are meant to do and that you are here for a purpose. You know you were created for a reason. ...

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Thankful to Serve


On January 1, 2007, I began my first day as the Associate Pastor of a small inner-city church. Six days later I would be married to an amazing woman. For five years, through pain and tears and unmeasurable joy, we served in the church and committed to be a part of the work God had laid out for us....

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